Monday, February 1, 2010

forum theatre #4

same day.

we had SO much fun today.
love the games

game #1
stand in a circle and one in the middle. middle person runs to a friend and says their name. they go in the middle. continue and play with 2 ppl in the middle. random but awesome.

game #2
standing in the same circle......we do the same thing, except run at a person saying something about them but if the thing is not true, then just stay.

game #3
sitting down now in a circle, person in the middle has to shout out at issue and if that issue is agreeable with u, then run up and change ur seat.

game #4
the piece of paper game. HAHA so lame. get on the piece of paper. step on. get off. step off. get off the carpet. step on the paper. in the end. when there was no paper. trym said. hey. lets jump. jen says: you should have just done that earlier.
us all =_= oh yea...

game #5
re-did the standing on specific body parts. this time one back and 2 hands. mark the victim. tilly and michelle riding on his legs. trym on his hands and i'm on trym. NICEEEE

game #6
THE ISSUE. we discuss an issue faced by all of us, create a tableau. at claps we create a series of tabelau's and then join the tableau's together. then she does something so awesome. she freezes us and taps on our shoulder and we have to do a monologue of our brain. its abit of rambling and trym is very random, it really helps you get into character. I LIKE.

thats all. sweated so much. but it was a fun drama class :)

today during drama mr.moss does something cool too. the hand-crossing game. we sit close, and just follow the flow. twice claps mean reverse the direction, once is normal. then it was that awfully confusing game of "this is nick" "who?" game. i don't even wanna mention it....

lastly, we did tableau's of the relationship between our characters in our scene study. :D nyeh nyeh me and tilly did it rightttt!!! i locked my jaw and tensed my shoulders but i still had to show myself wanting to be near tilly because i needed a job from her!!! gahhhhh :D

liking drama more and more ;)

Forum theatre #3


meeting during lunch we get assigned with parts and immediately get to work.
it is soooo good this experience. it feels great! fresh and new. got a chance to improve on improvising as well.

parents: tilly + connor
SUBJECT : sashi + bryce
Friends : Alice, courtney and kelly
shopkeeper : ME :)

i have no idea how to do this. I AM SO SCARED. what do i act as? i have nv bought/sold alcohol ever ever EVER in my entire life. this is freaking me out. HELP.
but we go into the scene and....i don't really want to tell you how my brain just thought of things just did. works well under pressure i guess? ;)

1. read out what the card he hands me says. I.S.P Uplands. :P dob 1994
2. you look like you need 5 bottles.
3. friend out there looks small.
4. give you combo - and then start blabbering about deals.
5. typo in school id? ya i know uplands got alot of typo.

i had to speak so CHINESE-Y and like a hooligan. but but but. it was worth it ;)
the best fun was at night when the parents, horsface, cadman joined it. parents ideas seems so much more.....VALUABLE.

o well. the experience was great. was sweating and roasting in the drama room was all cool B)

Forum theatre #2

same day. in the afternoon me and tilly got called back to present a little somethin somethin for the years 9 and 10 assembly tmr.

we got into groups. and worked on the issue of alcohol. and what are the issues? peer pressure? overuse of it? drinking behind parents back?

first we had to create a tableau from it.
then we created a sketch about it

the first groups was obvious.
peer pressure
and i like the way the girls under peer pressure tensed up their shoulders. looked very uncomfortable.

meeting time again tmr during lunch.

Forum Theatre workshop #1


Dr. Jennifer Hartley.

Game #1:
the 1,2,3 game when there are two people i say 1, you say 2, i say 3, you say a loop, that sorta thing. next step. replace the numbers with random noises and actions. did this at TAPS. hmmmmmm

Game #2
follow the hand. something that i did with katharine in my contemporary dance workshop. All you do is, one guy follows the hand, and one guy leads with the hand. your face has to be a particular distance with the hand. Thats all. average game. Just got messed up when it was me + michelle + tilly doing it together.

Game #3
forming a picture with a word. She says a word, we discuss (supposedly) the image we form and make a tableau from it. Apparently it shows that we aren't really united in this game because we never got around to discussing any bits.

carrying each other. We can only stand using the number of body parts she says. We got 2 hands 2 feet and it was soooo hard. I was on trym's back and we tried to ask mark to do a handstand so we carry his legs? NO. didn't work out. :P

Game #4
This game was so.....hahahah...weird. we have to have a piece of paper between us at our foreheads and drop it till it was caught between our ankles. Then we had to get it up again. the getting up part was difficult.

Game #5
Lined up in a row with a paper between each of us. had to move without dropping the paper.

Game #6
Lined up in a row doing game #2

Game #7
I LOVE THIS GAME! high ratings ding ding ding ding! each person has a number. walk random about the room. She calls out the number. The person in possession of the number has to drop dead. the others rescue. AWESOMEEEE

P/S: The games listed are in random order.

ok. so here is forum theatre and theatre of the oppressed. it uses a series of games to bring out the best in people. playing games to allow us to get more comfortable with each other and then bringing in scripts and stuff. Dr. Jennifer Hartley does this working with kids with AIDS, HIV, post war, refuge camps.....all good stuff. Its just quite a difficult sort of theatre.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

O Henry

plays by him that are REALLY GOOD.

The Green Door

The Gift Of The Magi

The Last Leaf

we chose The green door as our devised piece because it was somewhat a happier story as compared to the other 2.

We cracked our heads on how to stage it, begin it bla bla bla~ and Mr.Moss pops in with this humongous idea! but first......he has to tell a story first.....

AND it is confidential....i'm not gonna tell it here. hehe but i'm definitely gonna rmb it :P the point is, there are in situations, stories that you will tell over and over again, to your kids, to your friends and to your family. and THE GREEN DOOR is one of them. and its a love story. hehe. DUH.

so here's Mr.Moss's point, stage it in a way it is a girl/guy at a bar called the GREEN DOOR and she has flashbacks. and the story goes it and you'll find out. HEHEHEHHEHEHE.

but its amazing and I hope we can do it well :S

The Invisible Man



this piece was hilarious. and stupid. but fun. oh so fun.

Mr.Moss told us we were gonna do something fun, and sure enough, he delivered. He turned to Tilly. Tilly, in this hand is invisible, and in this hand is wax. CHOOSE.

Mark : Wax wax wax.
Mr.Moss : Good choice.

So we were given details on the piece.

Dr. Wells - The doc who turns invisible = Trym
Rosemary - Doc's secretary = Michelle
Stuart - Guy friend of Rosemary who wants to be a boyfriend = Mark
Mrs. Green - Cleaning lady = Tilly
Mr. Pill - Chemist = Me

we looked at the piece and thought, how do we go about doing this?
AND soemtimes i think our ideas are just quite lame. We went through it, and michelle and mark started out the first scene. We all knew something was wrong about it, but we all didn't know how to change it....properly.

So our lame play started off as mark and michelle walking in, chatting, talking about Dr.Well's absence, then Trym comes in, tickles her, tilly goes on, tickle tickle tickle, annoy annoy annoy, I walk in, FULL ANNOYANCE and end.

It was plainly boring and not funny. Here's how Mr.Moss modified it.

It starts off with trym mixing around with his chemicals, checks his books and drinks his mixture. *SPASM* He becomes invisible and checks himself out in the mirror behind which is mimed. Michelle : "Dr.Wells!!! Dr.......wells?" She checks herself in the mirror, pats hair adjusts skirt and sits at her secretary desk. Mark looks around the room to make sure no one but michelle is in and : "So.....have you seen Dr.Wells?" They're conversation goes on and Mark walks suavely around to the mirror : " And I wonder if you enjoyed last night as much as I did" while he runs his fingers through his hair. mirror again. while both characters and back to back trym comes and so does the tickle. Michelle "Not right now stuart!" Mark :" what?" He stares blankly at this girl before him, accusing him of doing something he obviously did not do. PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFTTT trym blows at Michelle's hair while she still has her back facing mark. Michelle :" I SAID NOT IN THE OFFICE." Before Mark can speak Tilly walks in, puts a chair in place and wipes the mirror. Checks teeth. Has something stuck in it? tries cleaning using tongue. oh it doesn't get out? use fingers and check in the mirror again. Mark : " Have you seen Dr.Wells?" "No. No. Haven't seen him at all today." She turns to dust a window nearby and trym pats Tilly on the butt. Tilly flips over and slyly slips her arm around Mark :" Oh stuart.........." Mark attempts to wriggle away while I stomp in. "WHERE IS DR.WELLS?!!!!! He owes me...i mean the chemist lab a whole sum of money! I tell you what this so called DOCTOR is a scam, he is a lizard, a fly on the wall an ant.....!" While i am saying this i am waving my hand up and down and trym just "helps" me in doing it. getting more and more vigorous. Soon I realise that my hand moves without my muscles working and I scramble to get it by my side. By then trym has walked over to tilly and slapped her on the butt again, tilly, thinking it was mark slaps mark who flips over and gets slapped by michelle who thinks HE slapped her but. IN ACTUAL FACT, it was all Dr.Wells, THE INVISIBLE MAN. "IS ANY OF YOU PAYING ATTENTION TO ME?!" I yell and suddenly the wooden laden in my hand is snatched up. we all turn to look at it and we all scream "DR WELLS!" Trym looks back at the mirror and BAM he is visible again. OOPS. he drops the laden and we all take one BIG step towards him. We all turn and tadaa....! the play ends.





Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The cop and The Anthem - O. Henry


Today was interesting. we read this piece out loud in class, tilly, me, michelle and mark. Struggling through the words and Mr.Moss asked us to present a PPP on it as a group. okie dokie. to work! first day at school. KONON.

When we were about to sit down and actually think of stuff ourselves, wonderful Mr.Moss said, lets do it together.


1st question.
what should we have in mind?

Mark : The targeted audience?

At least he had ideas. my mind was blank. but no. it wasn't about that. it was about what kind of story this was.

Hui Ern : About not getting what you want when you want it?
Mark : Being unfortunate
Mr.Moss : Sum this up in one word.
Mark : Ironic.

YES! Mark is quite smart sometimes......SOMETIMES.

so we have the kind of genre this production is based on and we discuss the audience. We thought about it and somehow I thought only adults would like it but then Mr.Moss goes, don't you think little kids would like it too? to see this HOBO steal an umbrella only to find that the person who owns it didn't really own it in the first place? IN SHORT. he was saying that even kids, though they might not understand, but love the comical sense to it. it is after all, a comedy based ironic piece.

Next he asked, what do you want your audience to take away from your production?



.....and more silence.

MR.Moss: you are such great students! THEY IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING YOU CAN GET OUT OF THIS PIECE. don't need to think! its just a comedy! how can comedies be *and sarcastic voice comes* FILLED WITH DEEPER MEANINGS.

sometimes drama surprises me. :D

Then he says, ok, lets think of the structural pieces of the play. what are the points of the play? or something like that....i forgot what he said exactly. *BLANK* what? Until now, its still a blur to me, but what i get is that is the important bits of the play. "The hobo decides to go to jail" and that is one. ahhhhh i get it. abit.... ._.

Then he asks more about the structure of the play. what what WHAT?! Something happens, conversation and we get NARRATION. Mr.Moss says there is narration in Noh Theatre, in Kabuki. application! then we close our eyes or turn to not face him and picture the hobo's outfit. We describe it to him and the class ends.


first day of school. *monotone* yippee
here's for those who want to read